Minchin denies climate change is man-made: A senior Federal Government minister has expressed serious doubts that global warming has been caused by humans, relying on non-scientific material and discredited sources to back his claim. One month after a United Nations scientific panel delivered its strongest warning yet that humans were causing global warming, the Finance Minister, Nick Minchin, has questioned the link between fossil fuels and greenhouse gas pollution. SMH

Australians hot on climate change: Australians are more convinced than any other nation that action is needed to combat climate change, according to an international poll. The survey shows 92% of Australians are in favour of measures to counter global warming. This puts Australian support ahead of any other country. The Age

New cat species discovered in Borneo: Scientists have discovered an entirely new species of cat — the clouded leopard — found on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra, the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) said on Tuesday. The secretive rainforest animal was originally thought to be the same species as the one found in mainland South-East Asia, but “genetic research results clearly indicate that the clouded leopards of Borneo should be considered a separate species”.  Borneo Bulletin

A global warming suggestion: have fewer babies: In the movie, An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore says that we are “entering a period of consequences.” And the world is beginning to understand the consequences of global warming … But here’s the thing — the worst of these consequences are not immediate. Yes, hundreds of millions of people will face water shortages and starvation by 2080 — but only if those hundreds of millions of people are alive in the first place. Huffington Post