The Australian Greens are committed to representing grassroots democracy, but some very prominent Greens seem to be attempting to influence the outcome of the current Queensland Greens senate preselection (see clarification below). A secret closed door session last weekend at the Greens national conference apparently debated for several hours on Sunday whether it should take over Queensland’s senate preselection process. Rumour has it that the move was a strategy designed by and on behalf of Juanita Wheeler, a candidate for the Queensland senate preselection herself and also the National convenor of the Greens. The move failed when delegates refused to support the NECC motion to scuttle the preselection. Instead, Queensland has to get a legal opinion on whether it has followed all its own rules.

Email from a friend at Tabcorp … Well so far in my four months here, I’ve had 2 CIO’s and awaiting a new one to start which will be three, every stakeholder on my project has been retrenched (the last one leaves in 2 weeks) and they were all reporting to the CIO. 2 Program Managers have also gone and I don’t currently have one I report too until possibly next week if I get a new contract (which I’m supposed to be getting but are yet to see it) and today (or last night) apparently the CEO of Tabcorp was given terminated effective immediately and given a $3.2m payout and told to get out he will receive the $3.2m once he repays the $5.9m loan he owes Tabcorp. That, I think, is called turbulence in the workplace

Is the Courier-Mail website putting fake timestamps on their stories to make them seem like they’ve been going online much earlier than they really have? And are they stockpiling comments on related stories to make it seem like there are hundreds of people talking about one story when it is in fact a collation of a heap of comments from different stories?

Is Maxine McKew moonlighting as an agony aunt? Could she (left) be the facial inspiration for Slate’s Dear Prudence (right)?




Karen Cassidy, Deputy Convenor, Australian Greens writes: Your report on the Australian Greens National Council meeting in Brisbane at the weekend was largely wrong. The facts are these: National Council held a closed session. Everything else in your report is incorrect. Like all major political parties, a robustly contested preselection comes along with our growing profile and popularity. I hope that in the future you ensure your contributors verify the accuracy of their stories.