Draft British climate bill to set 2050 target: Britain will publish a climate change bill on Tuesday which will set targets for carbon dioxide emissions cuts and could make the country the first to limit greenhouse gases by law. The draft bill, which is part of Britain’s bid to tackle global warming, is expected to make a 60 percent cut in carbon emissions by 2050 a legal requirement but rule out annual goals. Reuters

Threatened by climate change: When two ice shelves in Antarctica collapsed some years ago, it suddenly laid bare a seabed which had been roofed by ice for millennia and hence, was impenetrable. Now, scientists who recently completed a 10-week exploration of that seabed have uncovered a diverse marine ecosystem filled with never-before seen species of marine life. Malaysia Star

Don’t let truth stand in the way of a red-hot debunking of climate change: Were it not for dissent, science, like politics, would have stayed in the dark ages. All the great heroes of the discipline – Galileo, Newton, Darwin, Einstein – took tremendous risks in confronting mainstream opinion. Today’s crank has often proved to be tomorrow’s visionary. But the syllogism does not apply. Being a crank does not automatically make you a visionary. George Monbiot, The Guardian

Scientists to develop a global water use watchdog: Australian and American scientists are exploring the scope to build a worldwide watchdog network to head off potential water quality disasters. The proposal is to set up a chain of ‘robot observatories’ that will watch over water quality in rivers, lakes and reservoirs, with the ability to detect early signs of trouble, enabling managers to head off a pollution or toxic algal bloom crisis. Australian Food

Put power profits into clean energy: Australia’s coal and power generation industries must shoulder a large part of the cost of developing clean coal technologies, investing “billions not millions” to mitigate climate change, ACTU secretary Greg Combet says. “We are talking about companies that make multibillion-dollar profits from coal mining. It is only fair that a slice of those profits be directed to the research and development needed to substantially reduce greenhouse emissions,” he said. Canberra Times

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