As expected, Seven won the first ratings survey quite comfortably.

Ratings survey one finished Saturday night and over at the Nine Network they will be grinning, even though they lost four weeks straight to Seven.

At Seven they will be grinning as well but for different reasons, while at Ten they are in their foxholes sheltering from the bombardment flying between Nine and Seven. Nine will grin because it did better than it or anyone thought with higher shares. But while it’s a little misleading, it is still a good effort.

Seven is grinning because although its shares are down on last year, Survey 1 in 2006 contained the Winter Games and Seven’s audience share was higher. So the comparison is not favourable to Seven in 2007.

Seven also knows that in survey two which started Sunday that Nine’s share will drop sharply because the Commonwealth Games went to air in the same survey of 2006 on Nine, so in a month’s time the situations will be reversed.

Seven’s said its survey one commercial share was 38.7%; “Seven’s second best share for any survey period for years (at least since 1998). Only last year’s Survey 1 share of 38.9% beat this outstanding result”.

Seven had high (by its previous standards) shares in all demographics, 25 to 54 (the most important group of viewers) and the younger groups, 16 to 39 and 18 to 49, where it beat Ten.

Nine’s survey one commercial share of 34.7% was up on survey one of 2006 when its all people commercial share was 33.9%. Nine lifted its share in several demographics, including its most dominant, the over 55 group where it has a 44.2% share (42.5% a year ago) from Seven with 41.9% (43.7%) and Ten with 13.9% (13.8%).

Ten’s survey one commercial share was 26.6% and down on last year.

Survey Year-to-Date

Audience sharesSevenNineTen
All People38.7% (38.9%)34.7% (33.9%)26.6% (27.2%)
16-39s36.6% (35.7%)28.9% (28.5%)34.5% (35.8%)
18-49s37.4% (37.2%)30.8% (30.4%)31.8% (32.4%)
25-54s38.4% (38.0%)32.7% (32.0%)28.9% (30.0%)

The figures are for the so-called Zone 1 timeslot of 6pm to 10.30pm where the bulk of viewing and ad dollars are concentrated.