A 737-400 and 737-800 pilot writes: Someone needs to ask Garuda how much recurrent simulator training their pilots do. Any pilot will tell you that if wind or other environmental conditions are not right you don’t continue with the approach. You “go around”, climb up and work out a further course of action. Any 737 pilot can and regularly does land on a 2,200 metre runway. This is only slightly shorter than the east/west runway at Melbourne. What you don’t do is approach at excessive speed, or in excessive down wind or “float” down the runway trying for a smooth landing. You plonk it on the touch down zone markings clearly painted on the runway. Garuda needs to be asked some hard questions over this. 

A personal friend of mine works in a policy office that feeds directly to Tony Blair’s office. They have been told that all deadlines are to be brought forward. Maybe Tony is going sooner rather than later?

Fairfax CEO David Kirk, a New Zealander, to take elocution lessons so that real people can understand him?

Absolute chaos at The Courier-Mail where a relationship between two key senior editorial staff threatens the paper’s links to the government and every other media organisation in town.

Peter Fray

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