EU leads world on renewables: European Union leaders resolved on Friday to slash greenhouse gas emissions and switch to renewable fuels, challenging the world to follow their lead in fighting climate change. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the bloc’s “ambitious and credible” decisions, including a binding target for renewable sources to make up a fifth of EU energy use by 2020, put it in the vanguard of the battle against global warming. — The Independent, South Africa

Good news for Lake Eyre: For the first time in several years, water has begun flowing into Lake Eyre in South Australia’s far north. Torrential rain which fell in south-western Queensland in January has taken six weeks to reach the head of the lake. — ABC News

British tourists prepared to fly less: Half of holidaymakers would be prepared to cut down on 50% of their foreign trips to protect the environment, according to a survey today. By flying less to do their bit to fight global warming, the British tourists would sacrifice around 14 million overseas visits and 176 million nights abroad, the study from hotel company Travelodge found. —

China pollutes US: Air pollution blowing over the western US from Asia has been a growing environmental concern for several years. Now, it seems, it’s giving winter storms added punch as well.  Tiny aerosols and soot from burning wood and coal in winter, especially in China, appear to be seeding clouds in large winter storms that churn thousands of miles east across the northern Pacific, says a team of US scientists. — CS Monitor

Germany’s love affair with the car: Europe prides itself on its pioneering approach to climate change — a commitment that Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany aims to deepen in her term as president of the European Union. There is just one problem: her country, home of the autobahn and the Porsche sports cars that tear along it, is among Europe’s worst offenders when it comes to cars that spew carbon dioxide into the air. — New York Times

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