Studs? Come on Tele What was the Daily Telegraph thinking on International Women’s Day.  The Tele homepage carried this posting under the heading “Storm over NRL sex star”: “I don’t know about Australia, but over here in Europe, team sport players who get themselves involved in sex scandals are often considered real studs by their … posted by Annemarie at 7:01pm March 08, 2007.” It was a comment on an NRL player being charged with sexual assault. “Real studs?” Who is the Tele kidding? — Glenn Dyer

2EA founder dies. Former member of the NSW Upper House, James “Takis” Kaldis, quietly passed away last weekend, age 74, without a word reported in the Australian media until now. A large crowd attending St Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church at Kingsford, in Sydney’s east, to pay their respects to the man who was the first voice to be heard on ethnic radio in Australia. The list of confirmed attendees for today’s service included former Australian PM Gough Whitlam and former NSW premiers Neville Wran and Barrie Unsworth and current NSW Health Minister John Hatzistergos. Kaldis, who came to Australia at the age of 18 and became an Australian Citizen four years later was a Founding Member and licensee of Sydney-based ethnic radio station 2EA and a Founding member of the Ethnic Communities Council, as well as various migrant organisations. — Anthony Stavrinos

Cover-up for lad’s mags. As seen outside the building which houses the publishers of magazines such as Zoo, FHM and New Woman etc in Sydney:

Last night’s TV ratings
The Winners: Thursday night and the final ep of Nine’s RPA and another ep of Missing Person’s Unit did it for the network. Lost remains lost for Seven while Bones is just another crime drama at 9.30pm so far as viewers are concerned. RPA averaged 1.598 million with its last outing for a while, Seven News was next with 1.394 million, followed by Missing Persons Unit (1.350 million), Today Tonight (1.289 million) and Law and Order SVU (1.180 million). Seven’s 8pm program, My Name Is Earl continued to do well with 1.174 million and Lost averaged 1.119 million at 8.30pm, well behind MPU. Nine News had 1.113 million and The Biggest Loser (1.074 million) and won the 7pm battle with Home And Away (1.072 million): so close. A Current Affair rounded out the millionaire’s list with 1.068 million and looking jaded. Ten’s Law and Order CI averaged 919,000 at 9.30pm. Ten’s Saving Babies, 926,000 at 8pm and Nine’s repeat of Amazing Medical Stories at 10.30pm or so averaged 951,000.

The Losers: Lost now seems stranded at around 1.1 million and a shadow of its former self and Bones, likewise stranded at less than 800,000 viewers. OK but not strong enough for the 9.30pm timeslot. How I Met Your Mother, 896,000. Is there life stirring? Seven hopes so. Getaway on Nine, with 979,000. That might have been enough to win the first half of the hour but not the back half. Work is needed, if Nine can afford it.

News & CA: Seven News again won nationally as did Today Tonight. Nine News and A Current Affair are nowhere near as healthy as they were a year ago in the run up to the Commonwealth Games. Both programs won all five metro markets and will win the week.The 7pm ABC news averaged 911,000, The 7.30 Report averaged 846,000. Lateline a high 343,000, an earlier timeslot helps. Lateline Business, 146,000, with the same comment. Ten News averaged 814,000, Late News/Sports Tonight at 10.30pm averaged 464,000. But Nine’s Nightline around 11.30 or so did better with 489,000. SBS News at 6pm, 174,000; the 9.30 Late edition, 114,000. 7am Sunrise on Seven 398,000 (down under 400,000, rare!) 7am Today down again 234,000. The Catch Up at 1pm on Nine down to 154,000, beaten by Oprah with 246,000.

The Stats: Nine won with a share of 32.5% (31.9% last week) with Seven on 25.7% (25.0%), Ten with 22.9% (23.1%), the ABC with 14.6% (14.7%) and SBS with 4.3% (5.1%). Seven still leads the week 30.6%, 29.2%. Nine won all five metro markets. In regional areas a win to Nine through WIN/NBN with 33.6% from Prime/7Qld with 26.9%, Southern Cross (Ten), 20.4%, the ABC with 13.9% and SBS with 4.9%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: Tonight there’s AFL on Ten in the South and on Seven tomorrow night in the south (and later elsewhere, if at all). So Southerners can feel happy. We northerners have a couple of lean nights. Very lean. Movies, DVDs, reading or other social activities loom as better options than any form of TV (unless you are Rugby types and can afford Foxtel). The ABC has the last of the current series of Dalziel and Pascoe. Elsewhere above the Murray it’s movies. Tomorrow night is more of the same and then on Sunday night a bit of choice with Betty, Grey’s and the talent show on Seven, squaring off against 60 Minutes, CSI and CSI Miami and True CSI on Nine, and Thank God You’re Here on Ten and then The Biggest Loser and Jamie Oliver goes back to school. The ABC has a Miss Marple movie after Planet Earth, so no de-stablising programming on Ten and the ABC to upset things. So who will win with the older viewers flocking to watch Mss Marple? And a week Sunday, Ten screens the Joanne Lees, Peter Falconio docudrama.