Culture of denial: Violence against women continues to plague Australia’s indigenous communities. Here, playwright, Louis Nowra, adds his moral weight to the growing issue of domestic violence. While acknowledging that mainstream Australia has failed to deliver adequate resources, notably proper policing, Nowra is brave enough to indicate where the real problem resides. The Australian Literary Review

Survey shows grim reality of Lao sex trade: Lao women seeking to escape poverty and poor education are increasingly ending up as sex workers in Laos and neighbouring Thailand. An article published in a Malaysian business magazine explores the state of the sex industry in South East Asia. Asian Views 

“We’re French! We smoke, we show flesh, we have a lot of freedom … “: Editor in Chief at French Vogue Carine Roitfeld is ruffling feathers with her views on fetishism, feminism and why boys get a raw deal. The Observer Magazine

UN officials press for urgent action to end human trafficking, a “modern-day slave trade”: United Nations officials have called for increased efforts – by Governments, civil society, law enforcement agencies, the private sector and international organizations including the UN – to curb human trafficking, especially in women and girls. UN News Centre

The war on everyday terror: women’s rights in an age of insecurity: In the UK Government minister and International Development Secretary Hilary Benn prepares to deliver his first speech on women’s rights at the invitation of ActionAid, the charity calls for women’s rights to be put at the forefront of the fight against global poverty. AlertNet