What’s the key to political influence? From the recent coverage detailing the doings of Brian Burke — the man they now call The Master — the answer seems obvious: you need a hat to get ahead.

And not just any hat. In order to wield influence above and beyond your moral authority you need a Panama Hat. A hat just like Burkie’s. Crikey can help.

From today over five days, Crikey will publish a series of five photographs documenting highlight moments in the illustrious career of Brian Burke, the Zelig of Australian politics.

Email us after we publish the final installment next Tuesday and identify the date and situation captured in each photograph and you can be in the running to win one of five Panama hats supplied by Crikey’s new best friends at the supreme gentleman’s outfitters, Henry Bucks. Each hat is hand made in Ecuador and is a thing to treasure.

You’ll need to be one of the first five correct entries emailed to [email protected] next Tuesday and you’ll need to tell us your hat size. The rest is between you and the Federal Cabinet.