Game show biffo as Rich List pips Eddie. A change in the Monday night game show rankings last night as Eddie McGuire’s 1 vs 100 recorded its lowest audience so far and the Seven Network’s Rich List moving past it in audience rankings. Eddie’s program, which was slow last night (why couldn’t the bloke pick a motoring organisation?) averaged 1.229 million and finished a still credible seventh on the most watched list at 8.30pm. But The Rich List averaged 1.267 million at 7.30pm, the first time it has been watched by more people since the two programs debuted at the start of ratings. TRL finished fourth nationally and is a pacier program. Eddie’s program debuted at 1.950 million and is now averaging 1.45 million. So it’s not in boning territory and probably won’t get there unless there’s a further loss of viewing support. But Nine and Eddie need to realise viewers like a gameshow to have a bit of colour and movement: 1 vs 100 last night was glacial and when that happens the focus falls more heavily on Eddie’s performance.

Ten does OK… seriously. The Ten Network did better last night than its miserable Sunday night. So much so that the network issued a press release this morning highlighting the performance of programs like The Biggest Loser and Bondi Rescue, both of which averaged more than a million viewers. Ten didn’t issue a statement about its Sunday evening experience. — Glenn Dyer

CORRECTION: And a correction to something I wrote yesterday. Missing Persons Unit was commissioned by Michael Healy at Nine in early 2006, not David Gyngell. — Glenn Dyer

Last night’s TV ratings

The Winners: Monday night and Seven won, reversing Sunday’s result, as programs from the News to Desperate Housewives did well. A total of 14 programs with a million or more viewers, a big difference to Sunday evening. Seven News was the most watched with 1.502 million people, ahead of Desperate Housewives at 8.30pm with 1.497 million (dipping, like Lost?), then Today Tonight (1.467 million) and The Rich List at 7.30pm (1.267 million). A Current Affair was at its most popular with 1.258 million, ahead of Nine News (1.243 million) and 1 vs 100 (1.229 million). Seven’s Home and Away won the 7pm battle with 1.204 million, ahead of The Biggest Loser (an hour long program) with 1.150 million. Temptation was next at 7pm with 1.135 million. Ten’s Bondi Rescue again impressed at 8pm with 1.097 million. Nine’s CSI New York averaged 1.066 million somewhere around 9.35pm and Nine’s What’s Good For You returned at 7.30pm with 1.048 million (and didn’t do much better than the programs it replaced, The Code and Motorway Patrol). Seven’s 9.30pm program, Brothers and Sisters had 1.047 million. The ABC’s Australian Story profile on V8 Supercar driver, Craig Lowndes, was done well (940,000 people watched) and showed up the boy’s own racers on Top Gear on SBS at 7.30pm with 589,000. A great idea would be to put that lot plus The Styg (Top Gear‘s mystery driver) around Bathurst in full race kit up against Lowndes and the Kelly brothers… Hmmm, now that’s an idea.!

The Losers: Nothing really classed as a loser last night. With Ten and the ABC back to rational programming decisions there was nothing out of the ordinary.

News & CA: Seven News and Today Tonight won nationally and in most centres. Seven News won by 259,000 nationally and 103,000 in Perth. It won all five metro markets. TT won by 209,000 nationally and 82,000 in Perth. It lost Brisbane, won the other four. Ten News averaged 889,000; Late News/Sports Tonight, 339,000. Nine’s Nightline after 11.30pm, 274,000. The 7pm ABC News averaged 968,000, The 7.30 Report, 914,000. Lateline 297,000, Lateline Business 119,000. SBS News, 201,000 at 6.30 pm; 147,000 at 9.30 pm. 7am Sunrise 403,000, 7am Today, 258,000.

The Stats: Seven won with 31.5% (28.7% a week earlier when the Oscars were on), with Nine on 27.0% (30.1%), Ten on 20.1% (20.3%); the ABC on 15.2% (14.7%) and SBS on 6.3% (unchanged). Seven all markets bar Brisbane where Nine won. Seven leads the week, 31.8% to 30.9%. In regional areas a narrow win to prime/7Qld with 28.2% from WIN/NBN with 28.1%, Southern Cross (Ten) on 20.6%, the ABC with 15.4% and SBS with 7.6%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: Difference of Opinion on the ABC at 9.35pm last night was one of the more interesting efforts so far (along with water). There was a spark of debate (but why is ACC boss, Peter Hendy, such flat talent and stuck in one or two grooves, he was so stitched up). It deserved more than 459,000 but for one thing: Jeff McMullen twice interrupted an interesting flow of discussion to go to cartoonist Warren Brown – why? It just destroyed the moment. The direction remains ham-fisted. There was an interesting topic buried in the discussion about small business and ignored. A topic for a whole program. Nine’s The Catch-Up had 183,000 and seems to have settled around that number at 1pm. But it is hard to see it making money with the cost base it has from its on-air look. Fusion Strategy’s Steve Allen points out that SBS News at 6.30pm was up last week after two weeks of drifting and the 2007 average over the first six weeks since it started is up 2.28%. Not huge but not the rejection that the anti-advertising mob claimed would happen. Tonight it’s Dancing with the Stars and All Saints on Seven, Nine is running dead with repeats, Ten has NCIS. The ABC has the second part on the Scones doco on the CWA that impressed last week.

Peter Fray

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