Was Peter Costello tired and emotional on last night’s Lateline program? A number of Crikey tipsters thought so. Not so, say our inside ABC sources: insobriety certainly wasn’t the on-set impression. In fact, the chat with Tony Jones was pre-recorded at the relatively early hour of 8pm. Seems the only thing Costello was intoxicated on was his own performance for the camera.

For another instalment in the Comedic Costello Chronicles, check out this transcript of his chat with Melbourne radio 3AW presenter Ross Stevenson today, subtitled Stop Making Sense – or listen here:

Costello: Hang on, just let me finish the point. You said that Kevin Rudd didn’t know he was going. If he didn’t know he was going, how could Brian Burke invite all of these people and say that Kevin Rudd was the guest of honour? How do you invite somebody to meet a person that isn’t actually coming?

Stevenson: Sorry, it’s self-evident to me that you could. Of course you could. I could invite you somewhere and go and tell other people that you’re going to be there.

C: But how do you know that I’m coming?

S: Because you’ve told me you’re coming, and I go and tell other people “come along you’re going to be there.” Isn’t it self-evident that I can invite you somewhere and tell other people that you’re going to be there without you knowing that I’d said it, it’s self-evident.

C: No, but hang on, you said absolutely, if I may say, because I told you I was coming, but Kevin said he never spoke to Brian Burke, he never said he was coming.

S: Well he tells someone else that he’s coming.

C: No no no, he said he didn’t know he was coming, he didn’t even know he was coming…

S: I don’t think your argument makes any sense.

C: Sorry, his story doesn’t make sense fellas, you can’t believe it. He says “look, I didn’t know Brian Burke was going to be there, I hadn’t arranged to be there, somebody said to me come down on the night, I get down there Brain Burke’s there.” But what we now know is that Brian Burke had organised the whole thing and Brian Burke has sent out an invitation that Kevin’s going to be there.

John Burns: But Rudd might not know that.

S: Isn’t it self-evident that he might not know that? He might have been ambushed.

C: Well he might not know…

S: You wouldn’t think that a sneaky person like Brian Burke couldn’t organise something like that, leave that, let’s just agree to disagree … 

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