A little confused. Could someone please point out to the people responsible for the David Hicks float at the Mardi Gras that he was signed up with one of the most homophobic outfits on the planet? They should be aware of the specially sadistic methods al-Qaeda’s pals in Iran use to torture and kill gay and bis-xual men. A quick squiz here will fill them in on the details. If learning about methods of hanging designed to cause slow, agonising strangulation upsets their delicate sensibilities, then perhaps they should just read Nick Cohen’s book on the sad and confused state of the left.

Dog whistles all round. There have been some interesting chances to the NSW Labor TV ads. The latest lot no longer call Peter Debnam “Opposition Leader and Member for Vaucluse” but just “Member for Vaucluse”. It also shows a photo of a truckie and his family and talks about “working families” twice. Ooh, those horrible rich people! It’s dog whistles all round nowadays at election time.

Golden oldie. I didn’t watch The National Climate Test last night. Channel Ten specialises in manipulating morons’ emotions – The Biggest Loser, anyone? – not science. Instead, I sat down with the DVD of one of Hollywood’s greatest – Chinatown. It turned out to be much more relevant. There’s a drought and a sinister millionaire playing dirty over water – who gets away with it in the end. Don’t get any ideas, Malcolm.

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