Today, the Kookas dips their lids to Carl “Babyface” Williams much improved taste in women. Renate “Queen” Lawrence, the psychopathic killer’s new main squeeze is a much better looking shelia than his missus, Roberta “Hardface” Williams, who will be doing the world a favour when she dons the burka of her new Islamic faith.

As usual, John Silvester’s superlative contacts and silky skills on the typewriter give The Age’s 4-page coverage today the edge over the Hun in the gangland coverage. The Carlton Crew have won the war. The Sunshine Scum gang are all in the can except for “Fat Tony” Mokbel and George Williams.

Our favourite quote comes from the victorious “Big Mick” Gatto at a peace talks meeting with Babyface and Benji at the Crown Casino on December 22, 2003: “If anything comes my way then I’ll send somebody to you. I’ll be careful with you, be careful with me,” Gatto warned. “I believe you, you believe me, now we’re even. That’s a warning,” he said: “It’s not my war.”

We will try to bring you more tomorrow when the ramifications sink in.