WA Libs – tell ‘em they’re dreaming. “The Australian understands some Liberal MPs feel there are now grounds to approach state Governor Ken Michael to have the Carpenter Government removed,” the national broadsheet reports as more and more ministers get stuck in the Burke murk . But could he do anything? We put the question to Sandgroper and constitutional law expert Greg Craven. “Any suggestion that the Governor could act in this way is complete and utter constitutional nonsense,” came his curt reply.

Malcolm’s mendacious mentors? The Guardian is a pinko paper – so we shouldn’t be surprised that it greeted Malcolm Turnbull’s bright idea on light bulbs with the claim “Fidel Castro launched a similar programme two years ago in Cuba which later inspired his ally the Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez to launch his own light bulb giveaway scheme.” But has our eminent visitor, Vice-President Dick Cheney, been told about this link? Indeed, do we have a sleeper agent in our Cabinet? Turnbull, after all, is the man who made his name by holding the intelligence agencies up for ridicule in the Spycatcher trial.

International fame. Fresh on the heels of yesterday’s mention of “Bill Turnbull” in the London Independent, subscribers report reading about “Treasurer Peter Taylor” and former PM “John Keating” in The Guardian Weekly. What’s their excuse? After all, Ronald Reagan wasn’t having a senior’s moment when he greeted Malcolm Fraser at the White House as “John“.

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