With Peter Garrett’s song catalogue being scrutinised for policy U-turns, it’s worth remembering that Liberals have pasts too.  This month Lot’s Wife, the student newspaper at Peter Costello’s alma mater, Monash University, reminds readers of an article that must haunt the Treasurer like the ghosts of ideologies past:

In 1978 Federal Treasurer Peter Costello wrote an article for Lot’s Wife speaking of the importance of student unions. In 2005, Costello was part of the Liberal Government campaign that passed the Voluntary Student Union legislation that could potentially cripple student associations and student life … although politicians often sacrifice their beliefs when at the top, rarely is there such a blatant example.

More clues to Costello’s past can perhaps be found in the present. Oldest son Seb is the newest host at Melbourne community radio station SYN FM. And he has big plans:

I can’t see why we can’t have the first interview with David Hicks when he gets home.