The Liberals have Tony Staley (the Pig Farm investigator) dusting off the crutches and becoming involved in a group, some of whom are taxpayer-funded, whose main mission in life over the next few months will be to dig up as much dirt as they can on Kevin Rudd. Abbott’s opening broadside labelling Rudd as Dr Death was just the beginning.

Is there any link between Robert Gerard’s (friend of Libs/Reserve Bank debacle) recent acquisition of 10% of Lighting Corp Limited (LCL) and today’s announcement by Malcolm Turnbull of the phasing out of incandescent light bulbs. Gerard currently controls Pierlite, the Australian distributor for most of the Phillips lighting range as well as one of Australia’s largest lighting manufacturers. Was Gerard aware of the upcoming policy change?

UK Tory leader David Cameron has a web cam, Hillary Clinton has a blog. So does Segolene Royal, French socialist presidential candidate. Is Kevin Rudd set to start blogging?

Shell had planned and was executing an international advertising campaign for its premium brand of unleaded motor fuel, featuring the Ferrari Formula 1 team crossing the Harbour Bridge. Apparently production crew and car flown in for the purpose were poised to start filming when there was a last minute glitch in NSW Govt approval. When it became apparent that the hitch could be overcome with a charitable donation, the Director called a halt, everyone packed up and left.

There’s a love match between a female A Current Affair reporter and the program’s Executive Producer at a major eastern states bureau. The EP has lost a lot of respect with staff because of his obvious inability to keep his private life separate from his professional life. Other reporters are upset because the object of his affections seems to get the best stories.