Ten global warming dinosaurs targeted: A group of environmentally-minded investors with more than $200 billion in assets turned up the heat Tuesday on some of the country’s biggest corporations – by publicly accusing them of not doing enough to address global warming. ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Wells Fargo and insurer ACE Limited were among the ten companies singled out by the Investor Network on Climate Risk, a coalition of unions, public pensions, and faith-based institutional investors. CNNMoney

Sea level rise could hit poor countries hard: Even a small rise in the world’s sea levels, predicted as a result of global warming, could make environmental refugees of some 56 million people in developing countries, a World Bank economist said on Tuesday. If seas rise as little as 39 inches (1 metre) this century, as forecast in some scientific models, one-fourth of the heavily populated Nile Delta in Egypt would be underwater, said Susmita Dasgupta, author of a report on the impact of sea level rise on developing countries. Reuters

Worrying climate change figures for Spain: Rainfall in southern Spain is set to drop by 40% in the second half of the century. A lesser reduction is expected in the northern part of the country. The news comes in a report drawn up by Spanish scientists, which has been presented at the National Climate Commission. Typically Spanish

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US bee colonies decimated: A mysterious disease is killing off US honeybees, threatening to disrupt pollination of a range of crops and costing beekeepers hundreds of thousands of dollars, industry experts said on Monday. Beekeepers in 22 states have reported losses of up to 80% of their colonies in recent weeks, leaving many unable to rent the bees to farmers of crops such as almonds and, later in the year, apples and blueberries. Playfuls, Romania

Go green for love: Nothing says “I love you” like a fluffy toy or silver foil balloon, but this Valentine’s Day why not try to eschew the usual romantic trappings and look for a greener alternative? Guardian

Tensions ease in anti-whaling fight: The fate of Australasian humpback whales has shifted into the spotlight after a peace brokered with Sea Shepherd activists following their violent confrontation with Japanese whalers … (who) plan to begin harpooning humpbacks that migrate along the Australian and New Zealand coasts when the animals return to the Antarctic to feed next December. The Age