AAP reported on Monday that “The Queensland Supreme Court on Friday found the child-s-x offender, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was discriminated against because he did not get fresh halal meat in prison.”

Funny that. The name of this particular Muslim s-x offender is Sharif Mahommed – the judgement is on the QSC’s own website!

Whilst in jail, Mahommed led a successful campaign to force the prison authorities to provide him with fresh halal-killed meat because of his religious beliefs.

Because the authorities were slow in doing this, he successfully sued the Queensland Government in the State’s Anti-Discrimination Tribunal which found that there had been direct and indirect discrimination against him as a Muslim.

The Tribunal said: “The point of principle – the provision of halal meat to prisoners – which he has always claimed as the most important aspect of his case, is recognised by the Tribunal as a significant one.” He was awarded $2,000 compensation for this racial discrimination. The State appealed to the QSC and lost.

We do not know if the $2,000 will be paid to the child victim of his s-x offence.

We also do not know whether Mahommed has led any campaign to have Sharia law introduced in Queensland for Muslim offenders. Probably not, because then his only “compensation” might be a flogging before execution.

The response of the Queensland Government has been sensible. Rather than pursue further expensive appeals, it has decided to shift the goalposts. It will change the law to prevent “prisoners pursuing frivolous anti-discrimination cases”.

The issue of diet for Muslim prisoners is a real one. Islamic dietary rules (source: Oxford Encyclopedia “Modern Islamic World”) are complex. The Koran requires Muslims to eat the good, lawful plants and animals that God has provided for them. The preferred flesh is that of domestic cattle, sheep, goats and camels. No doubt Queensland jails could import camels from the Northern Territory.

More to the point is the issue of (Nestle) Kit Kats. These delicious chocolate bars are only made halal so they could be provided to Muslim prisoners. As for the rest of us Aussies, we just have to eat halal Kit Kats and like it. No compensation for us for discrimination.