PM’s climate change blunder: Labor has gone on the attack over a mistake Prime Minister John Howard made in parliament on Tuesday while answering a question about climate change. Mr Howard was forced to correct himself on the crucial issue after Labor accused him of doing a backflip. SMH

Barclays to buy 300GW renewable energy: Barclays has made a renewable energy purchase that will reduce its carbon footprint by up to 125,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year — the equivalent to the emissions produced by 19,000 homes in the UK in the course of a year, the company reports. Environmental Leader

The new statistical rhetoric of climate change: Global warming must be on a hot streak. Just a few months ago we watched polar bears drowning on the melting Arctic ice. In Washington, D.C., the cherry trees bloomed in January, and — wait, was Heaven boiling over? — the president himself warned Congress about the “serious challenge of climate change.”  Slate

China stands firm on emission cuts: As emissions soar in fast-developing China, its government has emphasised that the West must commit first to cutting greenhouse gas output as those most responsible for global warming. Carbon Positive

Climate campaign issues “wake-up call” to world leaders: George Bush, Vladimir Putin and Jacques Chirac are in bed, fast asleep. All around them the evidence of climate change is clear and pressing but nothing can rouse the world leaders from their slumber. “Global warming is here, but our leaders just won’t wake up,” says a voice. “Now you can sound the alarm. Go to to send your leader a wake-up call.” Independent

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