I think you are barking up the wrong tree with Vanstone and Italy. I think she is going to be named as the commissioner-general for the Australian mission to the Shanghai World Expo in 2010.

Was a branch of the SA Young Liberals holding a lingerie party at the Bath Hotel, in Adelaide? And were the lingerie items auctioned off to the highest bidder to raise funds for the Party? And were only men bidding? Is this Australia’s conservative party?

Is it true that Australia and New Zealand have refused the request for assistance from Fiji in the form of an aviation investigator to help determine the cause of the crash of a light aircraft near Lautoka a few days ago? Just what are Australia and New Zealand trying to achieve with their petulant refusals of common courtesies and communications with Fiji?

AFR Access has 892 paid subscribers with a target of 20,000. That’s less than 5% of the target. It cost $11 million to build.