Scientists testify against the Bush administration: Current and former government scientists and officials have testified to a congressional committee about what they call Bush administration efforts to downplay scientific evidence of global warming. The allegations are not new, but this was the first time key individuals have appeared in person to detail what a new report calls an atmosphere of systematic political interference with climate change science. Voice of America

Climate change to devastate Sydney: Sydney is looming as one of the world’s major climate change casualties, with temperatures expected to soar 50% higher than the average rise forecast for the entire planet. For the first time, Australian scientists have charted in detail the impacts on the nation’s largest metropolis of man’s insatiable demand for energy and burning of fossil fuels.

Humanitarians embrace climate change: It feels like everybody these days is talking about the link between global warming and humanitarian emergencies. What was once a rather esoteric aside to climate change chatter is now the stuff of conferences, appeals and tabloid op-eds … In the meantime, the world’s biggest volunteers’ association is putting climate change at the top of its humanitarian agenda for 2007. Reuters

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Africa must seek funds to manage climate change: During the Climate Change Conference held in Nairobi last November, no agreement was reached on the institutionalisation and operationalisation of the Climate Change Adaptation Fund. This was a serious setback to developing countries, particularly African countries as generally, they are the poorest and, therefore, the ones likely to suffer most from the impact of climate change.

EU tackles oil companies in climate change fight: The European Commission will propose stricter environmental standards on fuel and require oil companies to reduce emissions from oil refining and transport as part of EU efforts to fight climate change, a proposal shows. The Age

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