New US Congress takes climate change seriously: In his annual State of the Union address to Congress, President Bush is NOT expected to announce any major shift in climate policy… but, the newly constituted US Congress appears to be heading aggressively in the other direction. Voice Of America

New warnings on climate change: The main international scientific body assessing causes of climate change is closing in on its strongest statement yet linking emissions from burning fossil fuels to rising global temperatures, according to scientists involved in the process. New York Times

Snails creep east as the sea warms up in Scotland: The MarClim Project looked at more than 400 locations across the UK to see how marine species distribution had changed since the 1950s. Even by snail standards its movement has been slow but environmentalists say the purple topshell’s 15-year, 50-mile journey along Scotland’s coastline is dramatic evidence that the sea is warming up as a result of climate change.

Climate Challenge: The BBC has launched an interactive climate change game, Climate Challenge, on its Nature and Science website. Aimed primarily at young professionals (aged 25-35) who are about to become decision makers, the game allows players into the “hot seat” as president of the European Nations, who must guide Europe from 2000-2100. You can play it here.

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World faces megafire threat: They burn like fire hurricanes on fronts stretching sometimes thousands of kilometres and with a ferocity that explodes trees and makes them impossible to extinguish short of rain or divine intervention. Bushfires like those which have raged through Australia’s southeast for two months and which struck Europe, Canada and the western United States in 2003 are a new type of “megafire” never seen until recently, a top Australian fire expert said on Friday. Planet Ark