Bronny’s back on stage. Bronwyn Bishop’s career as a pioneer of Australian TV drama in Divorce Court is forgotten – but we will soon have a chance to see her take to the stage when the Newport branch of the Liberal Party presents their production of Every Picture Tells a Story at the Bayview Seascouts Hall on Friday 9 February. Bronwyn is playing Symphonia – although after her recent dummy spit at the PM , Disharmonia might be more appropriate.

The Lady Muck of Penrith? Jackie Kelly has become a John Howard talisman – but are the locals coming to regard is the Member for Lindsay more and more as Lady Muck than a tribune of the people? Dancing on Ice didn’t help. There’s a growing view that a decent Labor candidate could dispatch her.

Dollars, cents and backstabbing in Queensland. Still more Queensland Liberals drama and finger-pointing. One grouping warns that party finances are such that the feds will be forced to step in, state council disbanded and control being handed over to an administrator. Another says unsuccessful state candidate John Caris has white-anted party president Geoff Greene. All on his lonesome?