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Sent: Wednesday, 10 January 2007 9:52 AM
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Good morning all

I’m seeking your assistance in locating a “Protective Transport Canister” (PTC) as it is known, which has gone missing en route from Perth to Dampier. The canister contains a radioactive substance commonly used to search for minerals and gas and may pose a potential health risk if tampered with. An image of the PTC is attached, with the actual size a little larger than a 9kg domestic gas cylinder.

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There is a possibility, albeit remote, that the PTC has been located and taken to a scrap metal dealer for financial reward. I would appreciate your assistance in ruling this option out. You can assist greatly by contacting any scrap metal dealer/s in your Local Government district, inquiring if any person has contacted the dealer – since 18 November 2006 – with a canister similar in appearance to the PTC. It may also be useful to show the image to your rubbish tip/site operators or contractors.

Although your Local Government may not be on the direct Perth/Dampier route, the PTC may have been presented to any dealer, in any locality. As the trucking company involved deliver to a number of sites other than just mining companies, there may also be value in country EHOs (especially) establishing an overall watching brief for the canister during daily activities.
Lindsay Gillam