Ziggy’s report: There is a lot of Mr Spock in Ziggy Switkowski’s preview of Australia’s nuclear future. The eminent nuclear boffin turned telecom executive has delivered a report that resonates with that certain, relentless Vulcan logic. Switkowski’s Uranium Mining Processing and Nuclear Energy Task Force has provided, as expected, a compelling case for the embrace of nuclear power based on the certainty of science and finance. The Australian

The year of living responsibly: A year ago in this space, The Age said: “If ever a problem called for a holistic response involving every effective measure and every person on this planet, it is climate change”. In just 12 months, the changing environment has gone from being a peripheral issue to something at the very heart of public debate and personal concern…  The Age

Climate change needs to be higher on the agenda: George Bush will be challenged by Europe today to back a post-Kyoto climate change agreement that would involve developed countries making a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. Times Online

Indicator helps Victoria’s greening: Victorians can now regularly track their ongoing contributions to climate change, with the launch of a world-first weekly indicator showing the state’s key sources of greenhouse gas emissions. The Age

2007 may be warmest year yet: Deepening drought in Australia. Stronger typhoons in Asia. Floods in Latin America. British climate scientists predict that a resurgent El Nino climate trend combined with higher levels of greenhouse gases could touch off a fresh round of ecological disasters — and make 2007 the world’s hottest year on record. Pakistan Daily Times

Airlines respond to UK govt criticism:The airline industry has given a mixed reaction to a UK government minister’s claims that major airlines are failing to take climate change seriously. Forbes