19: The number of percentage points by which Labor leads the Coalition in the two party preferred vote, according to today’s Roy Morgan poll.

2,065: The number of pages in the Cole Report.

138,515: The number of balls Shane Warne had bowled by the day of his retirement announcement. He has two Tests left to play. 27,565: Crikey’s estimation of the number of times that Adam Gilchrist has uttered the words “Booowled Waaarnie”.  1: Number of pushes it took Glenn Milne to get Stephen Mayne off the stage at the Walkley Awards.

9: The number of “forks in the road” in Kevin Rudd’s first press conference as new Labor leader.

13,500: The number of Google hits for the search words “Steve Vizard” and “criminal”.

21: The number of cable warnings received by Ministers Downer and Vaile on the AWB kickbacks.

0: The number of times they acted on them.

32: Number of journalists killed in Iraq in 2006.

0: Number of Australians killed in combat in Iraq in 2006.

1,840: The number of days David Hicks has so far spent in Guantanamo Bay prison.

11.5: The number of years Ian McLachlan carried a note about Costello and Howard’s two-term leadership deal, before it was revealed this year by Glenn Milne.  

10: The estimated number of stingrays found dead and mutilated on the beaches of Queensland following Steve Irwin’s death by stingray on 4 September.

20.5 billion: The estimated dollar value of media deals both proposed and done since the cross-media law changes were passed by Parliament in October.

298.4 million: The dollar value of banana production lost due to Cyclone Larry.

85: The percentage of the national banana industry in areas affected by Cyclone Larry.

5.9 billion: The US dollar amount expected to be spent in 2006 on recruitment advertising on the internet in America.

5.4 billion: The US dollar amount expected to be spent in 2006 on recruitment advertising in newspapers in America.

540,189: The number of EFTPOS outlets in Australia to June 2006 (to 2005: 518,532).

101,804,000,000: The dollar value of credit available to Australians on credit and charge cards.

3: The number of interest rate rises since the start of 2006.

179,807: Permanent additions to the Australian population from immigration in 2005/2006.

34 million: The number of stuffed toys imported to Australia prior to Christmas this year (by October).

10 million: The dollar value of Christmas tree lighting imported into Australia this year (by October).

88: The percentage of Australians who plan to give up to $100 to a charity this Christmas, according to The Smith Family.

12: The number of Australian place and location names with Christmas-themed names according to the ABS: Christmas Island, Christmas Creek and Christmas Hills (Queensland); Christmas Town, Bells Beach and Shepherds Creek (Vic); Turkey Creek (NT); Turkey Hill (WA); Wisemans Creek, Wisemans Ferry and Snowball (NSW); and Snowtown (SA).

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