We often get introspective and maudlin as we digest the Christmas pud, looking over the year just gone and the year about to come. A Roy Morgan International survey of 58 countries, in conjunction with the Gallup International Association, finds just 7% of Australians and New Zealanders expect a peaceful new year.

In a sign that could play either way for the Government, 56% of Australians expect industrial disputes to increase. Roll on the Abbott/Gillard clash?

The overall mood of the nation, however, remains steady. 58% of Australians (up three) expect 2007 to be the same economically or don’t know. 31% (up two) expect economic difficulty and only 11% (down five) expect economic prosperity.

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47% of Australians (down two in 12 months) believe 2007 will be a better year than 2006, 25% (up three) think it will be the same or don’t know and 28% (down one) think it will be worse.

“It is interesting to note that America, with 58%, is the country with the highest proportion of respondents expecting 2007 to be ‘a troubled year with much international discord’, while just 2% expect 2007 to be ‘a peaceful year more or less free of international dispute’,” pollster Gary Morgan says.