Last year’s winner of Crikey’s s-xiest female politician, Julia Gillard, downplayed the award on Australian Story: “It’s politics, so it’s, you know, concessional, like, not normal-looking people. Latham always used to wander around saying ‘Politics is Hollywood for ugly people.’ I think that’s right.”

Well if it is, then Crikey’s Sexiest Politician Awards are the Australian political Oscars — and this year there were three politicians in particular who spoke to Crikey readers’ hearts, minds and loins:


Just like many of our readers, we couldn’t decide between these two. So for a bit of crumpet on both sides of the political fence it’s a tie between the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Heritage and the Arts Peter Garrett (who has amazing… eyes, according to one Christian Kerr.)

The Member for Wentworth this morning told Crikey that the victory was “very kind”. Oh no Malcolm, the kindness is all yours — your fans all agree that you are indeed “very kind” on the eyes.

Crikey readers on Turnbull:

“Malcolm Turnbull Walks on Water! He totally does it for me. I have voted Labor all my life but if Malcolm was leading the Libs I would have to cross the floor. Smart and sexy but warm and cuddly too. Best in show since Paul Keating.” — Ruth

“Malcolm Turnbull as President has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?” — Leonie

“It has to be Malcolm Bligh Turnbull — (my former boss and now beloved (political) enemy). There’s just something about ‘ole MBT that still, after all these years, even after him joining the Tories, and jumping into bed with Howard; something, that still says he a good sort, he still resonates with me. … and besides my mum still thinks he’s beaut as well!” — Cecilia Crikey readers on Garrett:

“Peter Garrett does it for me. A straight white male who actually likes to dance …and sing. He is also very intelligent and doesn’t say ‘um’ or ‘err’.” — Sue

“Coolest baldie in the country, runs rings around his Liberal counterpart (and that’s with his eyes closed), a mega ‘X’ factor and a decent bloke to boot.” — Elizabeth

“I remember my heart skipping a beat when Peter Garrett brushed past me on his way to the stage at a midnight Oil concert in 1982 and he’s still got it. With all that passion and the square jaw, he’s sexiest by far! … though Malcolm Turnbull has a very attractive twinkle in his eye.” — Helen

“It’s gotta be Peter Garrett — there’s something about a chrome-dome!” — Karen

Honourable mentions: Stephen Smith, Tony Abbott, John Faulkner, Barnaby Joyce, Alexander Downer, John Thwaites


In a field of strong contenders, the votes eventually tipped in favour of Federal Minister for Education, Science and Training (and Minister assisting the PM on Women’s Issues) Julie Bishop. Top of the class in 2006.

Crikey readers on Bishop:

“Pure style and polish.” — Marxie

“She has that certain “something” and demureness that attracts in a, dare I say it, Princess Diana way.” — Steve

“Attractive, a bit classy and flaunting a little as she gets to be more vocal. Definitely leans towards a bit of strict discipline in that education portfolio-phwooooar!” — Harry

Honourable mentions: Natasha Stott-Despoja, Julia Gillard, Kate Ellis, Tanya Plibersek, Chloe Fox, Helen Coonan 

Meanwhile, for the psephologically-inclined, three major trends emerge from this year’s awards:  

Sexiness transcends political ideology. Many Crikey readers crossed the floor to nominate a pollie against their normal voting habits — and often against their purported better judgment.

The power of the TV position. Those in prominent Question Time positions were much more likely to make our list than those out of range of the TV screen. Either that or the sexiness came first with parties calculatedly putting their most photogenic members, Kate Ellis or Chris Pyne, in key positions behind the front bench.

Last year’s winners are as s-xy as ever. Julia Gillard and John Faulkner still float a lot of people’s boats. In fact, both nearly reclaimed their crowns.