UN to intensify climate change monitoring in Africa: Global warming is likely to have a profound impact on Africa, but the continent lacks the means to detect and adapt to shifting patterns of drought, floods and disease, United Nations’ environmental agencies said on Tuesday. AlertNet

Carp adjust to climate change: Canadian researchers say they’ve discovered an unanticipated way in which freshwater fish might respond to water diversion and climate change … carp respond to increased salinity by taking a “metabolic holiday.” Monsters and Critics

Australia needs science students: A lack of students wanting to study agriculture and science is causing concern. Universities and scientific bodies say the shortage could hurt Australia’s ability to cope with issues like climate change and natural resource management. ABC Rural

Pocket change to change the world: The fight against global warming has created its own odd market, one in which companies sell their ability to remove greenhouse gases from the air. That market got its biggest boost yet in the US last week when California’s largest utility company, Pacific Gas & Electric Co., joined in. San Francisco Chronicle

No U-turn on US policy: Washington is likely to stay out of the UN Kyoto Protocol for curbing greenhouse gases beyond 2012 even with a shift in power to Democrats from Republicans, a former top US trade and economics official said. Reuters