“Why,” asks the socialist contender for the French presidency Segolene Royal, “should one have to be sad, ugly and boring to go into politics these days?”

Why indeed? It would rule one out of contention for Crikey’s S-xiest Politician Award.

It’s certainly got our subscribers aroused. And us. We can’t hold on. We’re coming early.

The climax will be tomorrow – not Friday. That’s when we’ll make the big announcement. Nominations will now close at COB today. You have until then to send your choices for the s-xiest male and female politicians to [email protected].

Julia Gillard has taken an early lead in the voting, with Kate Ellis and Tanya Plibersek on her heels. John Faulkner is polling well. Peter Garrett is wooing voters and Malcolm Turnbull has caught a few eyes as well.

Here are a few of the more outstanding citations from subscribers:

  • This is very left-field, and probably qualifies me for urgent psychoanalysis, but the female politician in this category at all levels of the system is clearly [WA minister] Ljiljanna Ravlich. Manifestly unable to deal with her portfolio it would seem, given the OBE and CCC debacles in WA, but, still, there is something deeply intangible but hugely attractive about her. – Please leave my name off to avoid legal action
  • [Victorian minister] John Thwaites – boyish looks and a great forelocky Rupert Brooke fringe. – Warren
  • I remember my heart skipping a beat when Peter Garrett brushed past me on his way to the stage at a midnight Oil concert in 1982 and he’s still got it. With all that passion and the square jaw, he’s s-xiest by far… though Malcolm Turnbull has a very attractive twinkle in his eye. – Helen
  • Kate Ellis is beautiful. – Mark
  • As a staunch Labor voter and somewhat aghast at the recent media laws debacle, I shouldn’t really be making this recommendation. However, if you want s-xy and mature you can’t go past Senator the Hon. Helen Coonan. – John
  • Julie Bishop for pure style and polish, John Faulkner for looks, integrity, ethics and no bullsh-t politics. – Marxie
  • Joel Fitzgibbon Federal Labor. – Robert
  • I still can’t get the picture of Alexander Downer in fishnet stockings out of my head so he would get my vote. – Mike
  • Malcolm Turnbull walks on water! He totally does it for me. I have voted Labor all my life but if Malcolm was leading the Libs I would have to cross the floor. Smart and s-xy but warm and cuddly too. – Ruth
  • Thankyou for the opportunity to be so wonderfully subjective. There are just two politicians I can bear to look at: Julia Gillard and the totally gorgeous John Faulkner. – Barbara
  • Male: Senator Cory Bernardi; Female: Julie Bishop.
  • Ian Macfarlane. Hearing that voice makes me go wild, like hearing a chainsaw in an old growth forest. – Craig
  • Queensland Liberal MP Ross Vasta. The 2004 election fight for Bonner was tight, but his teeth and immaculate immovable hair got him across the line in the end. – Fifi