The 2006 Crikey S-xiest Politician Award is receiving support from the very highest quarters in the land:

18 December 2006


PRIME MINISTER: Well ladies and gentlemen I’d like to first of all thank Baptist Homes and Ms Heinrich and John Church for allowing us to come to this facility in my electorate of Bennelong. I have been here before. It’s a wonderful example of an aged care facility and I have brought along a younger and more handsome member of the Government in Tony Abbott…

That’s his nomination. What do other Crikey readers have to say? Plenty:

  • S-xiest pol? My perpetually peckish pet dugong – I live on the Queensland coast – gets her flippers out whenever she sees a picture of Robert Ray masticating. – Winifred
  • My vote goes to Julia Gillard (who is incidentally my local member). – Lucas
  • I could not resist throwing this young ladies name into the fray – Peta-Kaye Croft Queensland State Member for Broadwater. – Doug
  • Natasha, Natasha, by a mile and a half – or the newly fashioned kilometres if you prefer. Not merely the best looking, but also the most likely to provide intelligent and witty conversation, be able to discuss ideas from the 20th century instead of only the 19th century or before – and the pollie with the most statesmanlike views in the House. Sadly she was always up against the two-edged sword of prejudice against women… dim journos and others either write them off as too unattractive, or too good-looking, to be taken seriously. And as both a male and an ex-journo, I’ve noticed that these prejudices aren’t applied to the boys; nor are they applied only by the boys, either — women apply them to women, too! – Mack
  • Male – Peter Garrett. Just look at that bone structure (and he can move!) Female – Pauline Hanson. What a fine looking woman she is. – Dianne
  • Kate Ellis by a country mile! There’s a reason the Labor opposition leader’s have her sitting directly behind them when they get up to speak. Pure class – if only she would pose for Ralph or FHM. – Garry
  • Tanya Plibersek – a yummy mummy with a great woman’s figure, and smart as well. – Ian
  • John Faulkner – the thinking woman’s s-x symbol. – Norelle
  • Deputy leader of the Queensland Nationals, Fiona Simpson, gets my pulchritudinous vote. Intelligence with beauty. – Chris
  • Putting aside political persuasion, without a doubt my vote goes to John Anderson – handsome, nice smile, intelligent (except when selling AWB shares), well spoken and well groomed, (ok, something’s wrong here – he is straight isn’t he?). While all those don’t necessarily mean ‘s-xy’, he has presence. – Maureen
  • No change from last year – still Sophie Mirabella (nee Panopoulos). No less attractive now she’s no longer eligible. Congratulations to her and Greg. – Mark
  • Who is the s-xiest politician? I asked my teenage son who said “Chloe Fox – the name says it all!” – Lisa

We want your nomination for the s-xiest male and female politicians in Australia – federal, state or territory. Get your entry in to [email protected] by COB on Thursday.

All will be revealed in Friday’s Christmas bumper Crikey.