Oh gawd. I’m used to offending Greens, but 70s prog rock fans?

From: Dave White [[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, 18 December 2006 5:41 PM
To: Boss
Subject: Uriah Heep – Time Magazine

“Uriah Heep were always really a joke. You couldn’t take a band that called their debut ‘Very ‘eavy, very ‘umble’ seriously.”

35,000,000 albums sold – Touring and vital since 1970 – thank you for the nice comments!

I would like to send you a copy of Uriah Heep Easy Livin’ The Singles A’s & B’s if you would like to have it,

All the best and Happy Holidays

Dave White

But fear not, Crikey pop pickers. Music will unite the world, as the Asia Sentinel reports:

North Korea is not known for its rock and roll but they do have accordions… Well, maybe. If a Korean-French national who makes his home in London and swears allegiance to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has his way, Pyongyang is gonna flat rock, this May, dude.

Jean-Baptiste Kim, a self-described “man with three fatherlands” is behind “Rock for Peace”, which scheduled for May 1-4 in the capital city of Kim Jong-il’s socialist paradise. Sketchy, enthusiastic and slightly skewed English details are available on his Voice of Korea website http://www.voiceofkorea.org/ for what he is calling “the 2007 version of Woodstock rock festival in 1969 but in a different location and with a different goal. We welcome every musician as long as they are purely music based without political intentions.”

Though the gig is open to any band… “The lyrics should not contain admirations on war, s-x, violence, murder, drug, rape, non-governmental society, imperialism, colonialism, racism, anti-DPRK and anti-socialism…”

A photo of Nirvana ornaments the Voice of Korea site – along with the caption “Unfortunately Can Not Participate This Time. But We Still Do Remember All Good Songs of From Aberdeen, USA.”

Too bad. After all, they did have a very apt song called “Territorial P-ssings”.

Peter Fray

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