I have been struck at how the mainstream media seem unable to name the DLP politician most recently defeated. So here is the answer. He was Kevin Joseph Harrold and he was defeated at the New South Wales general election of May 1976. That is more than 30 years ago.

At the November 1973 general election Harrold had nominated as the DLP candidate for the ultra-safe Liberal seat of Gordon, held at the time by the Minister for Health in the Askin Government, a certain Arnold Henry Jago.

At the February 1971 general election Labor had not bothered to contest Gordon, so safe a Liberal seat was it. The result then was 20,074 votes (81.6%) for Jago compared with 4,530 votes (18.4%) for the then DLP candidate, a doctor by the name of Dwyer.

In 1973 Jago forgot to nominate. Were it not for the fact that Labor decided this time to contest Gordon the DLP candidate, Harrold, would have been returned unopposed. However, there was a Labor candidate, a certain Miron Shapira.

The Liberal Party hastily organized that Harrold should be its candidate, in much the same way as the Liberal Party today organises for National candidates under the Coalition agreement. On polling day “How to Vote Liberal” cards were handed out supporting Harrold.

The result was 20,707 votes (79.4%) for Harrold and 5,372 votes (20.6%) for Shapiro.

At the May 1976 general election Harrold was again the DLP candidate, coming in third with only 2,201 votes.