More blo-dy Epping. Two recent deaths of Hornsby Councillors may make for an interesting sequel to the controversial preselection of Liberal Greg Smith. There’s talk the ALP may use the Council vacancies – if the timing is right – to build a profile for a potential candidate who could take the seat from the Libs at the March state election.

Another domino to topple in Queensland? Has there been a little too much intrigue from Queensland Liberal state director Geoff Greene? Might his manoeuvrings lead to his own downfall rather than the resurrection of his factional friend Michael Caltabiano?

Civics made easy. If you want an interesting new take on How A Bill Becomes Law, just follow this link.

The other drought. Canberra is running out of choof. It’s got nothing with the Government being there for ten years. If you don’t get what we’re talking about, you’d better check with the Loaded Dog’s blog.

Flying saucers have landed. There are nerds in Canberra. And Vulcans, it appears.