Former NSW Aboriginal affairs Milton Orkopoulos was sacked as soon as he was charged with child sex and other offences.

Politically, that was fair enough – although the bloke was and remains entitled to presumption of innocence, as presumption of innocence is one of the cornerstones of our system of justice.

And cornerstone of our system of democracy is the separation of our system of justice from our system of government.

The NSW Premier, Morris Iemma, is a product of the backrooms of Sussex Street. Democracy and justice are alien concepts there.

But he’s not only ignorant. He’s gutless, too.

He has reacted to the arrest of young Islamic leader Iktimal Hage-Ali by saying her job with the state Government is “being reviewed“. Yet her lawyer points out “The police did not search Ms Hage-Ali’s home and did not find her in possession of anything that would put her in breach of NSW or Australian criminal law”.

Allegations have been made against Hage-Ali – but she has not been charged with anything. That apparently counts for nothing with the jellyback premier.

Citizens are entitled to the protection of the law. When they break it, they receive its sanction. When…

The NSW Premier has learned his jurisprudence from Lewis Carroll’s Queen of Hearts. Morris Iemma is a coward and a bully who deserves the public’s contempt.