Who would have thunk it! Fifty-one years after it last one a seat in Victoria’s Parliament, the DLP appears to have picked up two places in the new Legislative Council on less than 2% of the primary votes.

Bob Santamaria must be lecturing God and St Peter on politics today, pots are calling kettles black with left wing nutter and new Green MP Greg Barber complaining about the election of a “right-wing nutter”; meanwhile, the psephologists are studying the power of preferences.

But if the DLP’s back, who will it draw to its flag. It’s cousins in the NCC have been stacked by the La Rouchists. Will they move on Santa’s Helpers in the DLP – or will the right wing bruvvers ride to the rescue.

Take the Shoppies, for example. Sunday trading has done wonders for their membership, but Joe de Bruyn keeps urging us to remember the Sabbath day, and keep it holy. Will his union be the first lot to reaffiliate with the new resurgent DLP?

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The split never really happened in South Australia, but the Speaker of the state parliament, Jack Snelling, is a grouper through and through. Labor has a healthy majority there, but still has the state’s sole National and a country conservative independent in the ministry. A speaker from the DLP would only add to the colour.

Think about it. There may be some real benefits for Labor MPs to join the DLP. Think of the Family First preferences to begin with.

So who else should shift their affiliations? We’re not just talking Labor members here. What about Tony Abbott? Johnno Johnston would weep tears of joy. Suggestions, please, to christian@crikey.com.au.