This afternoon, in a special edition, Crikey publishes the first part of our 2006 Honour Roll covering Media and Politics.

Look out for the scoop, bunfight, scumbag and practitioner of the year – and that’s just in Media.

Next Tuesday afternoon, 19 December, we’ll publish the second instalment in the 2006 Honour Roll – the Business and inaugural Sporting awards. And we’d love your input.

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Who, for example, should win?

Company of the Year (2005 winner: QBE Insurance)

CEO of the Year (2005 winner: CSL’s Brian McNamee)

Corporate Deal of the Year (2005 winner: “Graeme Hart’s food asset swapping has delivered him a clear profit of more than $1 billion thanks to the $2.1 billion float of 80% of Goodman Fielder, which Burns Philp bought for $2 billion in 2003.”)

The 2006 Corporate Governance Award (Not) (2005 winner: Rupert Murdoch’s poison pill extension without reference to his News Corporation shareholders.)

The 2006 Conflict of Interest Award (2005 winner: Ron Walker)

Business Rort of the Year (2005 winner: Failed mining house Sons of Gwalia whose creditors’ claims could now end up exceeding $1.1 billion)

Business Blunder of the Year (2005 winner: Multiplex for its ongoing troubles with London’s Wembley Stadium.)

Business Quote of 2006 (2005 winner: “I’ll keep that to myself, but I sure wouldn’t recommend it to my mother” – Phil Burgess, Telstra’s imported Group Managing Director, Public Policy & Communications, when asked if he would invest his own money in Telstra.)

Business Idea of the Year (new award)

Most Intriguing Business Collaboration of the Year (new award)

And have your say about the sporting triumphs and tragedies of 2006:

Australian sporting performance of the year: It might be an individual. It might be a team. Which Australian(s) did you rate most highly in 2006?

International sporting performance of the year: Who enjoyed the greatest achievements on the world stage this year?

Coach of the year: Tell us which coach stood out for you in 2006, for better or for worse.

Media Deal of the Year: Always, behind the scenes, people in suits are negotiating. What was the deal of the year?

The Big Goodbye Award: It was a big year for retirements – which ones stand out in your mind for the right and wrong reasons?

Comeback of the Year: Several sportspeople who we thought we had seen the best of came roaring back to life in 2006. Who stood out for you?

Best Clubman: A traditional sports award for those who have embodied what being part of a team is all about

Anticlimax of the year: Which sporting moment didn’t live up to expectations?

The International Relations Award: What was the most memorable engagement with the global sporting community by an Australian?

Boom-time Sport of the Year: The best of times … which Australian sports were flying in 2006?

Sport on Life-Support Award: And the worst of times … which sports aren’t so healthy as they stagger into Christmas?

Sports Administrator of the Year: Who stood out as the best deal-maker, or sports manager, of the year?

Send your suggestions to [email protected]

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