JA’s cross-platform advertising in action? Late last month the Nine Network’s A Current Affair ran a story criticising (to put it mildly) an online work from a home business called The Rich Pom. The story aired on 29 November and it generated plenty of online chat. But guess what? The ad for the business’s website is still listed on the Ninemsn website under special features “Earn More Cash”. Is this what John Alexander and James Packer mean by cross-platform advertising campaigns? Bagged by ACA, but happy to take the advertiser’s money at another part of PBL Media. I wonder who gets the sales revenue and any commission? — Glenn Dyer

Last night’s TV ratings

The Winners: Monday night and a win to Seven. Nine is finding it tough to make headway on Mondays, even out of ratings – no cricket to boost the early evening audiences. Just like Seven finds it tough on Sunday evenings to make headway. Nine has more tough nights, though, than Seven does. Seven News easily won the night: surprisingly so given its summer and both networks are usually close at 6pm. Seven News won with 1.461 million with Today Tonight next with 1.303 million The 7pm ABC News was third with 1.241 million, Dynasties on the ABC at 8pm averaged 1.189 million (it was on the McGuigan wine family), Nine News was sixth with 1.137 million and The 7.30 Report averaged 1.127 million. It rated more than a million the previous Monday, but that was down to the Labor leadership changes. Seven and Nine switched to summer newsreaders at 6pm last night (starting on Sunday night actually). In Sydney Chris Bath easily accounted for Mike Munro on Nine. Nine and Seven are both running repeats of their game shows at 5.30pm so could it be that viewers find Seven’s repeat more interesting that Bert? Seems so. Nine’s The King of Queens averaged 963,000, CSI Miami (963,000 for a repeat at 8.30pm) and The second part of The Great Weight Debate at 7.30pm, 918,000 viewers. West Wing was melodramatic but still got 676,000 loyal viewers.
The Losers: Seven reactivated the in-ratings loser, The Master. It averaged 839,000 from 7.30pm which is better than it did earlier this year. Nine’s Nip/Tuck needs some quick surgery: it’s down to 693,000 at 9.30pm and well beaten by Seven’s Vanished, 998,000. It did beat Ten’s The Biggest Loser (US version) with 666,000 viewers.
News & CA: Seven News again won nationally and in every market but Brisbane. Seven News won by 321,000 nationally, a huge margin even in ratings in winter. The margin in Perth was 131,000: 132,000 in Sydney. Seven News in Sydney with 455,000 was the highest rating program in any market last night. Odd! If it continues Mike Munro will be under pressure. It was closer, though, between Today Tonight and ACA, just 43,000 viewers nationally in favour of TT. TT won Perth by 82,000, and Adelaide. ACA won Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with the heavily promoted Bindi Irwin interview. I’m over the Irwins. It’s becoming a milking session at Nine. Bindi and Wa-Wa: now there’s a contrast! TT won Adelaide and Perth where the Irwins are not as big. Having Delta Goodrem also helped. But the most interesting happening was the 7 pm ABC News attracting more viewers than Nine News did: 1.241 million vs. 1.137 million. Now I know different time slots and more people watching TV from 7pm onwards but it is unusual. Last week that happened to Seven in Sydney; this week it’s Nine on the network and in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. The 7.30 Report topping 1.1 million again, with Red Kerry summering in a paddock somewhere and Heather Ewart in the chair, was also a good effort. Viewers seem to like the not-so-familiar presenters. Seven’s Sunrise with 412,000 beat Today with Sarah Murdoch first up with 315,000, but it is the first time for months that the gap has been less than 100,000 viewers. So giving her the gig worked. Keeping the extra viewers will be the trick, especially when she does.
The Stats: Seven won with 27.9% (28.1%) from Nine with 25.6% (29.6%) from Ten with 19.8% (17.8%), the ABC with 17.7% (16.3%) and SBS a high 9.0% (8.3%). Nine leads the week 28.0% to 26.3%. Seven won Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Nine won Brisbane. No regional ratings today. It’s summer in the bush.
Glenn Dyer’s comments: Well, Monday has come and gone and it was as though we were still in ratings: only the programs had changed to protect the innocent. The Great Outdoors was replaced by The Master which did better than its one and only appearance one lonely Wednesday evening in ratings. But it does need Eddie McGuire. All quiz shows in Australia need Eddie! The top shows again emphasise that viewers have summer worked out: they watch for news between 6pm and 7pm (the Ten News averaged a solid 899,000 last night), watch a bit of ACA and TT for the vicarious pleasure of watching moving versions of Woman’s Day or No Idea, and top up with some solid stuff at 7.30pm on the ABC and then drift away or tune out with the set still on. A video comfort blanket for some, it would seem. So how will Nine turn Sarah Murdoch into a reason for people to return to Today after she has gone? She can’t handle interviews, especially news interviews, and that means Karl Stefanovic has to carry that load. But then Today is now much lighter than Sunrise which is saying something. So many talking heads on both channels.

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