Climate change kills farmers, says study:A World Bank study released on Thursday has found a link between climate change and farmer suicides. It says poor farmers who are unable to adapt to changing climate fall into debt and later, death traps. Hindustan Times

Making gas from prairie grasses: The idea of burning grass to fuel your car or heat your home might seem a bit odd. But call grass a “biofuel” and suddenly it sounds plausible. Scientists are struggling to make biofuels cheap enough to compete with fossil fuels such as oil and coal. NPR 

Ambrose says energy-saving programs coming soon: New federal programs to encourage consumers to save energy are on the way, Environment Minister Rona Ambrose promised Thursday, admitting however that her government axed several such initiatives after taking office, without a comprehensive review.

Global warming: still a few skeptics left: With alarms bells over global warming ringing ever louder and more insistent, is it possible – or credible – for an active scientist working on climate questions to be skeptical of the cause or future severity? Amid mounting evidence that temperatures are rising on planet Earth, the “skeptics” and “agnostics” are a smaller band than they used to be. Christian Science Monitor

Don’t sacrifice workers on climate change altar: According to a recent Climate Institute survey, 54 per cent of rural Australians believe the government should do more to reduce climate change. Let’s accept the earth is warming. The institute and its survey respondents are still grappling with an illusion – in reality the Australian Government is impotent to “reduce” climate change. OnLine Opinion