In the lead up to the Labor leadership change, the ALP’s primary vote grew 0.5 points to 41%, support for the Government grew one point to stand at 41.5%, according to a new Morgan Poll out today.

Labor still leads in the two party preferred vote. The ALP was one 52.5% – down 0.5 – and the Government on 47.5% – up 0.5.

If an election had been held during the last fortnight the ALP would have won.

However, the Government is still the favourite when voters are asked who they think will win the next Federal election. Fifty eight per cent favoured the Coalition – unchanged – 28.5% – down one – favoured Labor and 13.5% – up one per cent – couldn’t say.

Morgan reports that among the minor parties, support for The Greens is 9% (down 1%), Family First 1.5% (down 0.5%), Australian Democrats 1.5% (down 1%), One Nation 1% (unchanged) and Other Parties and Independent Candidates 4.5% (up 1%).

Pollster Gary Morgan says “The ALP holds a five point lead on a two party preferred basis, roughly the same margin it has held since late July – federal Morgan Poll results haven’t fluctuated in comparison to other newspaper media polls in recent times.”

And he adds “Don’t forget the Morgan Poll was the most accurate of all polling companies in predicting the major party vote in the recent Victorian election!”