Pilot plant will prove carbon capture technology: Britain’s first carbon-capture and storage plant will be built next year — but only if costs are kept down. Gordon Brown announced the public-funded demonstration plant yesterday as an indication of how seriously the Government is taking the challenges of climate change. Times Online

Ocean warming withers food chain: Global warming will stifle life-giving microscopic plants that live in the surface layer of the oceans, cutting marine food production and accelerating climate change, according to a study published on Wednesday. Phytoplankton are not only the foundation of the marine food chain, but every day they take more than 100 million metric tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere … Scientific American

Affluent lifestyles harm climate: Affluent lifestyles are producing more waste, using more water and energy and relying more on cars with damaging effects on the environment. The State of the Environment report, produced every five years and released yesterday, warned that most of the threats reported in 2001 were still present and, in some cases, had worsened. SMH

NY proposes regional greenhouse rule:New York officials have released preliminary draft rules for implementing the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to cut power plant emissions of carbon dioxide, which are considered a major contributor to global warming. Hemscott