There’s a subtle undertone of nudge-nudge-smirk-giggle in much of of the commentary on the Rudd-Gillard partnership, compared with the mummy-and-daddy style of Kim Beazley and Jenny Macklin.

Even though it’s well known that the two aren’t exactly the best of friends, that’s not stopping columnists from playing matchmaker.

Matt Price in The Oz went for The Owl and the Pussycat — “Meanwhile, the spectacle of Rudd and Julia Gillard hand in hand on the edge of the sand is enough to make some of us gag on our slices of quince” — while The Daily Tele preferred The Odd Couple.

In Saturday’s Smage Katherine Murphy had a breathless oooo-eerrrr piece on the new partnership, comparing Kevin and Julia with Charles and Di before Camilla and Dodi. She even admitted to asking herself if “our hard working, bookish, buttoned-up intellectual Kevin Rudd is suddenly looking … kind of sexy?” carried a picture of the soon-to-be-victorious pair marching into Parliament right next to the wedding day snaps of Shrek and his red-headed ogress wife, Fiona. Coincidence? It’s too much fun to think not.

On Seven’s Sunrise, Rudd and Gillard looked “slightly embarrassed, like two daggy divorcees caught snogging by their teenaged children” when their close body language was noted, says Arleeshar on

And in tribute to Rudd’s “Fork in the Road” obsession, Tim Blair suggests a name for the couple: Meet the Forkers.

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