If you’re wondering what this Texas Pacific Group is that might be buying Qantas or who’s the David Bonderman fella at TPG, you can just check out YouTube.

It probably says something about aspects of YouTube that are yet to be fully explored that you can find there a nine-minute lecture by Bonderman about the joys of private equity. The piece is not well shot – in fact, it looks almost surreptitious – but you can see what you want to see.

It includes some interesting insights such the fact that nine out of Wall Street’s top ten fee payers now are private equity firms, which means investment banks are more likely to be trying to serve private equiteers rather than repel them. And there’s even a touch of humour: “One of my partners says you don’t need to read BusinessWeek, just look at the cover.”

To consider the medium massage behind the message, the fella who shot the Bonderman video has a spray on the long tail of investment videos on YouTube.

Watch out for the video versions of the investment scam spam already filling your inbox.