For the past three months I’ve been harassed by a bankrupt blogger who is Australia’s worst internet defamer.

The bankrupt blogger is no friend of mine. In fact, I’m his single biggest victim.

Lo and behold, I then get physically attacked at the Walkley Awards dinner by Glenn Milne for allegedly personally linking to a story about Milne in the blog.

Christian Kerr has now ‘fessed up to inserting the link to the blog in one of his Crikey snippets back in June. This clearly shouldn’t have happened and the first I knew of it was when Christian called at 9am today.

This whole saga makes this exchange on ABC TV’s Insiders yesterday very interesting.

BARRIE CASSIDY: A significant cartoon that missed Mike Bowers’s deadline segment I might say was in one of your newspapers this morning Glenn Milne, we’ll have a look at it, it’s Les Patterson saying: “give this man the Gold bloody Walkley”.

GLENN MILNE: Well Barrie, look I’ll take a Gold Walkley under any circumstances.

CASSIDY: You have publicly apologised but I still have to ask the question: What were you thinking?

MILNE: Well, as I said in that article I wrote this morning, Stephen Mayne has targeted me, but more importantly, I’m a semi-public figure, that’s all right, he never checks his facts, that’s all right, but he has targeted my wife and about two months ago he put up a link to a blogsite which suggested that I was a s-xual predator.

CASSIDY: No I don’t think he did and I think you are confusing that. Crikey, the website, may have done that, but not Stephen Mayne. In fact Stephen Mayne has not been part of Crikey, other than as a contributor, for 18 months.

MILNE: What I’d say to you is that Stephen Mayne founded Crikey, Stephen Mayne writes for Crikey, Stephen Mayne is the public face of Crikey and I think we all around here know how he deals with the truth.

CASSIDY: Yeah, but he didn’t personally refer people to that blog.

MILNE: That’s what he says Barrie, but I would make the point again, we all know how he deals with the truth.

There you go. First I get physically assaulted, then I’m grossly defamed by Milne as a serial concocter in two million News Ltd newspapers across the country and then Milne effectively calls me a liar on national television.

The Australian might have run a letter from my mum this morning, but they’d better also prominently run my right of reply in every News Ltd paper next Sunday. It will be an interesting test of character for them.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
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