Has AAP spent too much time with Beazley?

From the wires from Friday. Either AAP journos have spent too long too close to Kimbo – or the big man himself made another slip of the tongue:

FED: Beazley says Rudd would boost Labor’s Qld vote

Friday, 1 Dec 2006 at 1:16pm; Category: Australian General News; Low priority; Story No. 9449.

BRISBANE, Dec 1 AAP – Queensland Premier Peter Beattie says the ALP’S federal leadership aspirant Kevin Rudd would increase Labor’s vote in Queensland…

Meanwhile, take heart, Treasurer! Another senior’s moment – this time from John Howard who, during the Pharmacy Guild dinner last Monday, constantly referred to president Kos Sclavos as his good mate “Con”. If you grow a pair of balls, Peter, now might be the time for a challenge.