Glenn Milne takes the high ground. Picture by Michelle Mossop. Courtesy of The Age

Change the migraine medication, Glenn, before you get more befuddled. Change the migraine medication – because you attacked the wrong person at the Walkleys.

I’m the bloke you wanted. And you could have found me down on table 67 on Thursday night.

You had a go at me back on SBS’s Insight back in 2004. But if you want another, that’s fine – because back in July, I put in that link in Crikey that seemed to have sparked your ire. Me, not Stephen Mayne.

In fact, he had nothing to do with it. Stephen hasn’t owned Crikey since March last year. He hasn’t been editor since March last year. He hasn’t had control of content since March last year. He hasn’t even worked from the office since March last year. He’s simply a contributor who sends his copy in.

“Mayne specialises in unsubstantiated smear and innuendo,” you wrote in your column yesterday. “He rarely, if ever, checks his facts. In fact, he’s mostly wrong.”
What’s that about unsubstantiated smear and innuendo; checking facts; being mostly wrong? Sounds just like you.

You were wrong at the Walkleys. Your column in the News Limited Sundays was wrong. And your comments on Insiders were wrong, too.

You got the wrong bloke. Full stop.

Wanna fix it? My phone number is 0402 977 352. You know Stephen’s. You called him on Friday to say sorry. You’d better put another call in. Once you’ve given Stephen a second apology, once you’ve given equal space to retract your comments and apologise in the Sundays and done just the same thing on national television then you can think about giving me a call to work this out.

But to get things off to a good start, here’s some friendly advice. Drop the migraine medication.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
Editor-in-chief of Crikey