A few hours ago the Fijian army sought to inspect the weapons of the police tactical response unit, the most heavily armed division in the force. The police have refused to comply unless the inspection is approved by the government but the ensuring stand-off is not a coup.

Everyone is walking around here as per usual. The military is positioning itself in some strategic places but Suva is normal. All the parking lots are full. It could happen today but at the moment there has been no coup.

The police have a unit called the police tactical response unit at Nasinu, it’s the closest thing you could get to a militia force. The army has taken over the unit to neutralise them. They have some weapons there and a number of imported hand guns.

No shots have been fired and currently the army is just there waiting to inspect the weapons. This is all happening about 15 minutes out of Suva. Nobody had heard anything much in Suva and so far today life in the CBD is normal.

CRIKEY: According to Crikey’s scan of media and blogs at the time of writing Commodore Frank Bainimarama believes he is in charge as he has over 4,000 guns, but the PM, Laisenia Qarase is having none of it.

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