Oh Kevin, why would you want it? In less than twelve months you’ve got to ungel 10 years of blancmange. Have a good look at the Labor fabric today.

Where no public policy problem is ever fixed without spending money – or, better still, if the other side spend too, because we can spend their’s and no one will notice.

Where interest rates are lowered by spending more, not saving.

Where a tax cut is only good when it is given to the bottom and where welfare reform is only reform if it means more welfare.

Where we defend tax and spend state premiers who have done little more than waste tax reform and still manage to complain that it’s everyone fault except their own.

Where childcare is a bad if private and good when public and where teacher unions tell us what is acceptable for schools and parents should just but out.

Where we can spend more, tax less and have a bigger surplus.

And where Iraq is a quagmire, we should leave it just so, and leave it to become a bigger one. Yep, that’s what we have become. Why oh why would you want this Kev?

You can’t change a condition of 10 years in 12 months. Labor needs a turnaround – and the roosters won’t let anyone turn it around. You’re no Blair, Kev. You’re better off off waiting until after the election and letting that give you three years at it. Otherwise, the roosters will just say “I told you so” every chance they get.