The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age are well advanced on plans to re-engineer their printing presses to reduce the width of their page size by around 15%. The saving in newsprint is estimated at $50 million a year, but advertisers will still pay the same full page rates as the bigger size.

Am I the only person to have noticed that Kim Beazley referred to the ACTU as the ACT during his speech at the union rally yesterday morning?

“Women back s-x abuser”. So the headline read in the Adelaide Advertiser yesterday. Naracoorte Girl Guide leaders backed a taxi driver who was found guilty of s-xual assault. But no mention of this alarming story in the local Naracoorte Herald. Perhaps the fact that one of the Girl Guide leaders is the manager of the Herald may have something to do with it.

Why is the AWB yet to respond to Wilson Tuckey’s grievance speech where he put forward claims by a former employee who accused them of siphoning funds from grower pools? This, and more importantly the AWB’s lack of response, seems to have gone through to the keeper. This could create a couple more law suits.

Glenn Milne was on ABC TV on Tuesday during a broadcast of the National Press Club address by the Professor and Nobel Prize winner who solved the mystery of what caused stomach ulcers. The Professor had just finished describing the old medical view that “persons who were stressed, over-indulgent in food and drink were persons who got ulcers …” Glenn got up to ask the next question and with a sense of fun “thank you Professor for describing the journalistic professional so well!” or words to that effect.

Let’s stop the nonsense about the National Art School v College of Fine Arts debate being about art – it’s about real estate. University of NSW wants to relocate from Paddington to Darlinghurst which will enable it to make an enormous amount of money selling the current COFA campus and get rid of all the headaches which derailed the plans a few years ago to redevelop the COFA campus.