In their final episode last night, The Glass House crew weren’t prepared to go down without a joke — or ten — at the government’s expense.

When it was announced in October that the show would not be renewed by the ABC — not long after Managing Director Mark Scott’s call for greater “balance” and “impartiality” at Aunty — plenty of fans believed that The Glass House‘s government-mocking one-liners had finally tripped them up. Others claimed that the show was never going to be contracted for 2007 anyway.  Whatever the truth, The Glass House was quick to lampoon Scott’s policy with a fake newspaper headline — “Strict New Bias Rules For ABC: says simpering right-wing Howard lapdog”.
John Howard had been quick to say that he hadn’t asked that The Glass House be axed. But after last night’s finale, he’d probably be only too happy to give hosts Wil Anderson, Corinne Grant and Dave Hughes the golden handshake personally.
Egged on by orgiastic applause from revved-up fans, the invective against the government flew thick and fast (though to be fair and balanced, Kim Beazley and Family First got a roasting too):

Our beloved leader also celebrated ten years as prime minister by getting a lap dance from Janette dressed as Bradman. — Wil Anderson

Politics became an Aussie values pi-sing contest and disturbingly, Amanda Vanstone kept winning. — Wil Anderson  We asked ‘where the bloody hell are you?’ and David Hicks replied ‘I don’t know but it’s cold and Philip Ruddock won’t turn the lights off’. — Wil Anderson

Politicians called for the axing of Big Brother but denied calling for the axing of The Glass House. Turns out you can turkey slap on national television as long as the turkey’s not a member of parliament.” — Wil Anderson
I’m angry .. cos Ian Thorpe, swimming legend, is going to stop swimming at the age of 24 but John Howard’s gonna power walk till he’s 150. God why is it so? — Dave Hughes

George announces a new visit to Washington by John and Janette – ‘I wish I could tell the American people not to worry, they’re not coming again – but they are coming again’ — Voiceover

Don’t be afraid of the faithful – be afraid of the idiots. And we’re back to the Howard Government. — Wil Anderson 

John Howard reveals everything he knows about global warming: ‘Aah .. it gets warm’. — Voiceover

The most likely prediction for the next half a century is a really pi-sed-off 99-year-old Peter Costello. — Wil Anderson

The Prime Minister admits in ten years he’s yet to find the president’s clitoris: ‘It’s ahh a difficult reason’. — Voiceover

Politicians use fear – that’s what the point of it is. Even if they don’t believe it. Smart people. John Howard’s a smart person, right? Bronwyn Bishop’s a smart person. Brownyn Bishop said that the hijab that Muslim women wear made them look ridiculous. BRONWYN. BISHOP. What about the ridiculous thing on top of her head? — Wil Anderson.

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